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AGRO-DRON official
DRONE for precise agriculture

Gearbox for agribusiness - Agricultural drones are a new and much faster way to spray the fields.

Professional Agricultural Drone

We make agriculture more productive, more practical, automated by Drones and AI software.

Precision agriculture refers to the way farmers manage crops to ensure the efficiency of inputs such as water and fertilizer, and to increase productivity, quality and yield. The term also includes the reduction of pests, unwanted floods and diseases.



Infos about:

Drone spraying speed can be up to 40 times higher than traditional tractor spraying.

We do not trample crops
Our Drone does not trample on crops - it flies, and therefore, there is no loss of crops, as is the case with spraying a tractor, which tramples crops on wheels.

Save up to 90% of water and up to 30-40% of preparations (herbicides, pesticides, etc.)

Safety and health
Remote control, makes drone spraying very safe, no person is in constant contact with herbicides, pesticides, or any preparations.